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Fall Festivities

Fall is by far our busiest season. It’s not only my favorite time of year but we also celebrate Bradley’s birthday at the end of October. We were able to visit four different pumpkin patches, make a few trips to the mountains to see the leaves change and took a trip to Disneyland to celebrate Bradley’s 5th Birthday! I guess you could say we took advantage of our favorite season!

Colorado has some amazing pumpkin patches and farms to visit. Our favorite is Osborn Farm in Loveland. It’s an adorable little farm and they do a fall festival every year with lots of fun activities for the kids. They do barrel train rides, hay rides, petting zoo, have vendors and food trucks and an awesome pumpkin patch. It’s a great place to get some family pictures too!


We found a farm this year that we have never been to and it is literally 5 minutes from our house! It’s called “Something From The Farm”. This was a huge hit with our family. They had a barrel train, pumpkin patch, farm stand to buy fresh produce, pumpkin launch, corn gun and a corn maze. If you are in Northern Colorado  you need to go here!


I went with Bradley on his first field trip to a farm called “Miller Farms” and this was a blast. We got to go out to the fields and pick however much produce we wanted. Bradley picked pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts and celery. They have old cars and planes that have been repainted to look like the cars in the movie “Cars” and other movies. Bradley of course loves that part. They have a little corn maze and a huge playground for the kids. We got our fill of pumpkin patches this year!



The mountains were definitely calling our name this fall so we took several day trips up to different areas to see the leaves change. Our favorite mountain towns within a reasonable distance are Estes Park and Breckenridge. We visit Estes Park often because it is only a 45 minute drive for us. We like to hike, walk around the downtown and visit the Stanley Hotel. Breckenridge is absolutely gorgeous. The town is so fun to walk around in and the drive up is breathtaking. We stopped at an old Gold Mine and took a tour and Bradley got to go gold panning. He thought that was the neatest thing ever! I highly recommend that for kids! We took a ride on the Georgetown Loop train and it was so scenic. It is a short train ride, about an hour long and the views are amazing. The boys loved it!


We decided instead of throwing a birthday party for Bradley this year we would go to Disneyland. One of my bucket list adventures has been to go to Disneyland during Halloween. This was the perfect excuse! We stayed a few blocks away from the park at Great Wolf Lodge and the kids loved it. My mother in law came along with us to help with the kids but mainly stay with Wesley at the hotel while we took Bradley to Disneyland. At Great Wolf Lodge kids can trick-or-treat every night in the month of October so we brought along the kids Halloween costumes. They loved running around with all of the other kids and collecting candy. Their decorations were top notch too. Fun for everyone!


Disneyland did not disappoint when it came to the decorations and rides. They turned “The Haunted Mansion” into “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and Bradley was in heaven. He absolutely loves that movie so we were all happy when we realized what we were in for. It’s to be expected that Disneyland would be packed during any holiday but holy cow, it was packed!                         

Our first day was spent at California Adventure and it wasn’t too crowded. We got in a lot of rides and didn’t have to fight for a table at lunch time. The second day was spent in Disneyland and that was another story. It was shoulder to shoulder but we discovered on the Disneyland app that you can pay $10 per person to get the fast pass on your phone and that saved us big time. We were able to map out our rides for the day and get in with a fast pass on every ride that offered it. That made for a very successful day!


Bradley has recently become obsessed with Lego’s so we decided our last day would be spent at Legoland. Dave and I have never been there before so this was going to be a first for us all. Grandma and Wesley even got to join in for the fun! Legoland is about an hour south of Disneyland so we headed out in the morning and luckily it was a Sunday in California so traffic was smooth sailing. I expected more rides but there was plenty to keep lego-lovers entertained. Bradley went on a few rides and Wesley was able to ride the train. If you are a lego fan you would love it there. The figures and city’s made from legos were absolutely amazing. Plus it was a lot less busy than Disneyland so that was a nice change. I highly recommend Legoland if you have a lego-lover like we do!


We are looking forward to the next few months as the holiday season is our favorite time of year! I’d love to hear what fun fall activities you enjoyed too!


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