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Skincare is something I have been passionate about since I was a teenager. I was not blessed with perfect skin so from a very young age I  had to be very aware of what I was putting on my skin. I have tried so many product lines and treatments and I want to share my routines and favorite products with you so I will link everything I use to make it easy to shop!  Living in Colorado, I find I need to change up my routine and my products often especially when the seasons change. My skin has changed so much throughout my life from being a teenager with acne prone skin to an adult with dryer skin and not as many breakouts (thank you accutane). I have tried everything from less expensive products I’ve picked up from Target to high-end skin care lines that can almost break the bank.

My morning ritual is pretty basic and quick (with two kids, there’s no other option!). I start with a lightweight cleanser, my favorite at the moment is the Sanitas milk and honey cleanser . I don’t like to use anything heavy in the morning to avoid feeling too oily later in the day. I follow that with a witch hazel toner on a cotton pad to remove any excess oils and help minimize my pores. The witch hazel I am currently using is Dickinson’s witch hazel toner and it’s a steal! Last but not least I use the Sanitas vitamin C moisturizer  because it’s an oil free moisturizer and I love how my skin feels! It does not contain an SPF so I make sure that the tinted moisturizer I use does. I give my skin a few minutes to absorb all of the goodness in these products before I apply any makeup. Easy peasy!


At night I like to spend a little more time on my routine. I don’t do a mask every night but I try to do one about two to three times a week. I will talk a little more about the different masks I use further down. First of all, I was introduced to the best skincare tool a few years ago and I’ve never gone a night without it. The Clarisonic facial brush  is worth the investment and I recommend you get one! This little miracle tool makes my skin feel so smooth and clean and I never go anywhere without it! I use the same cleanser from my morning routine and follow it with the Aveda botanical kinetics exfoliant which has been my favorite exfoliant for the past ten years. It is extremely gentle so I use it on a nightly basis. After I use the exfoliant I apply either my moisturizer or I do a mask. I sleep with the Aveda intensive hydrating masque as my moisturizer. I use this year round and it has helped my skin tremendously with the ultra dry climate we have here and if I spend a lot of time in the sun, it’s exactly what my skin needs. If you know me you know that sleep is something I don’t get a lot of. One thing I have had to add into my routine recently is a good under eye cream to help me look less tired (I mean, starbucks can only do so much). That being said, the Sanitas peptiderm eye treatment is a life saver. It tightens and plumps the skin under my eyes to give me a healthier and fresher look. I have noticed a big difference after adding this to my routine. Since my skin tends to get dry I like to use the Sanitas vitarich serum after I wash off the mask. This is the first thing I apply after removing my mask and I allow it to dry for about five minutes before I apply a moisturizer just to give it time to absorb into my skin. Whenever I get an uninvited friend (pimple) I like to knock that sucker out with the Sanitas zapper spot treatment. It usually only takes a few times of using the spot treatment before the pimple disappears. Only apply this to the pimple as it is very drying!  Lastly, a lot of people don’t think about lip care but it is important! I found a lip scrub I love and you can find it here. After I do a light scrub I use the burts bees chapstick (I like to keep things basic sometimes) to give my lips some moisture. Your pout will thank you for the extra TLC!

Lets talk masks! I have tried several different masks for different skin issues and I want to share my most used and most favorite ones with you. When I use a mask, I love to feel it working… you know, that tingly, almost burning sensation that happens after you apply the mask? I actually love that feeling. Weird, I know but I feel like that means its really working! That being said, my favorite mask is the In the Clear mask from perfectly posh. It gives the cleanest feeling to my skin and I glow after I use it. When I want a more gentle mask that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time I use the Sanitas papaya pineapple mask. It not only makes my skin feel super soft but smells absolutely delicious! I’m sure you’ve seen or even tried the charcoal mask everyone is talking about. I recently decided to give it a try although I was a little timid at the idea of peeling off whatever this miracle mask claimed to remove from my skin. Although I haven’t tried a lot of charcoal masks, this one  is my favorite and you can grab it on your next trip to Target.

Being in the beauty industry I love trying all types of products. I want to hear what you love! Any products you can’t live without? What have you tried that hasn’t worked so well?

The next product line I am going to try is Tula. Stay tuned for an update on that this winter!


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