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This year we decided to celebrate my birthday exploring a new city. We decided Seattle would be the perfect family friendly place to spend a long weekend. We were very pleased with all that the city offered that was perfect for a family with young kids.

In typical Eads travel fashion we packed in as much as we could. We left our hotel early and didn’t return until bedtime. Which meant we had to pack all of the essentials we needed to accommodate two young kiddos.

We arrived in the afternoon and had time to do a little exploring in the city. We ate sushi at an amazing restaurant called Nijo sushi. It was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had! After that we walked down to the pier and were able to go to the aquarium. They had extended summer hours so we were there right before they closed which was perfect because we had the place to ourselves. Their aquarium is one of the best I’ve ever been to. It isn’t very large but what they have to offer is top notch. They have an outdoor sea otter exhibit that the boys loved to watch. The otters were very active while we were there so we were lucky. They have a hands on area where the boys can touch starfish and other sea creatures.

The next day we started with a visit to the space needle. This was not my favorite thing that we did but the views from the top were incredible. We strolled through Chihuly Garden and we were in total awe. The boys even enjoyed this however we strapped them both into the double stroller for obvious reasons! I highly recommend making a stop there. We decided it was time to let the boys burn off some steam so we found an awesome park in the city with food trucks outside so we made that our lunch stop, We got lunch and let the boys play for a bit. Wesley still takes naps so after playing he passed out in the stroller. We decided to walk around the pier then we headed to Pike Place Market. It was packed! We made a stop at the original Starbucks and got some pastries from a vendor in the market. It wasn’t very easy navigating the crowds with a double stroller so we didn’t make it into all of the shops along the street but it was a neat experience.

We decided to stop at the Museum of Flight right outside the city. My boys (and Dave) love air and space museums so that’s always a win in our family. This museum was great. It had real airplanes you could walk inside of. It had a small kids zone where the kids could play and pretend to fly a plane. It also has a food court and they serve beer and wine… a win-win for our family! If you have any aviation lovers in your family I would highly recommend a visit here!

Alki Beach sounded like the perfect spot to let the boys throw rocks in the water and have dinner along the shore. We fell in love with this little town. It has amazing views of the city and is very quaint. We let the boys run up and down the shore line and find all sorts of neat rocks to bring home. We decided to take a break from sushi and tried a fabulous Mexican restaurant right on the shore.  It did not disappoint! It was extremely kid friendly and had a wall of windows open so you could feel the breeze off the water. It was one of my favorite restaurants we tried on the entire trip!

We took a day trip to Victoria, B.C. This was my favorite excursion we did by far! We woke up early and took the 7:00 ferry through Clipper Vacations and made our way to Victoria. The boys loved the two hour boat ride. The views were absolutely amazing. You can even see whales if you are lucky, we weren’t lucky this time. When we first arrived we took a bus to Butchart Gardens. Holy cow, this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The history of how it all started is incredible. The boys loved walking through the gardens and there were open places they could run around. They have a merry-go-round in one of the houses on the property and they thought that was the coolest thing ever. We spent just over two hours walking through the gardens. Put this on the top of your list of places to see!


We headed back into Victoria to do more sight seeing. We had lunch on their tiny pier and the fish and chips did not disappoint. It is by far one of the prettiest and cleanest cities I’ve ever been to. They have double-decker buses and the boys thought that was the coolest thing to see. There is great shopping and they have a “China Town” district. That was a hit with our family to walk through and see all of the incredible architecture and design. Our ferry headed back at sunset and that made for the most incredible views on the entire trip.

We spent our last full day doing a duck boat tour and we got to see the house where they filmed “When Harry Met Sally”. The boys didn’t find that amusing but I was stoked to see the famous house! We headed back to Pike Place Market and had our last sushi dinner at the top recommended (via Trip Advisor) restaurant in Seattle. It was not very kid friendly but we wanted to take the chance. Anything for sushi!

Our flight home wasn’t until late the next day so we rented a car for a few hours and decided to drive to Olympia, Washington. We had to reason to go there other than it was one of the closer cities to Seattle. We jumped on Trip Advisor and searched for family friendly activities. The number one thing that popped up was the Children’s Museum. We love taking the boys to museums in different cities so we decided to give it a try. The second we walked in Bradly took off and we kept having to search for him. If you know Bradley you know it is very unlike him to go off “exploring” on his own. When we finally tracked him down he informed us that his favorite character “Blippi” came to that same museum and did a show about it. We doubted his information and turned to google to see if he was right. Turns out, he was absolutely right! His favorite YouTube celebrity is Blippi and he did in fact do a whole episode on this museum. We let Bradley show us around since he seemed to know his way. That was easily the highlight of the trip for both boys. We spent well over two hours at the museum. They had so much to offer and had an outdoor area with all sorts of hands on exhibits for the kids. I have museum envy as we don’t have anything like that in Colorado!

We found a wonderful restaurant right on the water and had lunch there before heading to the airport. Bradley still talks about our trip to Seattle so I think it’s safe to say it was one for the books!

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