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In my last post about travel tips, I talked a little about some of my favorite items to travel with. I’m going to share more products that I can’t leave home without and link them for you!


When we first started traveling with Bradley it was all about trial and error. Whenever we realized we needed an item we would make a note of it and add it to our packing list for next time. After traveling with him for the past five years and adding another baby to our family, I feel like we have a pretty well prepared list of things to bring each time.  I found the perfect bed rail at target that folds up to fit perfectly inside a suitcase. That has been a lifesaver! Bradley is quite the wiggly sleeper so we always bring that with us.  We bring along a sound machine to help create an atmosphere in our hotel room that is similar to the kids bedrooms. This helps drown out the noisy hotel hallways!  While traveling with a baby that is bottle-fed we bring along our bottle warmer.  Tip: for formula fed babies, once you get your baby back to sleep, prepare the next bottle by filling it with water and keeping it at a low temperature in the bottle warmer so that you don’t have to wait for it to warm up the next time they wake up. Did I mention I have terrible sleeping babies?  You may be one of the lucky ones and not even have to worry about this part but if you have a night owl for a child like I do, remember this tip! I found a bottle cleaning travel set that has been awesome to have! It makes bottle cleaning so much easier having the right brush and drying rack and it folds up small so it’s perfect for packing! We like to keep our routines as close to how they are at home when we travel. We do baths followed by reading some books and then bedtime. This helps keep kids on a normal schedule and I’ve found they can handle the busy days of exploring new places much better. it’s hard enough for them to be out of their comfort zone so trying to keep some normalcy is ideal.


When traveling with kids, it’s a great idea to try to keep them as involved in the vacation as possible. We were given a LeapFrog digital camera for Bradley’s birthday a few years ago and we always bring this along on vacations and let him take his own pictures. As soon as I get organized enough I am going to make a photo book with all of the pictures he has taken.  Something special for him to look back on! If I forget to bring his camera I let him take pictures on my phone and I make sure to save them to add to his collection. He loves that we do this and I think it keeps him focused on things to look out for when touring new places.   I also pack some snacks from home especially when we are traveling to a different country. He has his favorite kid Z bars and fruit snacks and I always make sure I throw a few boxes in one of our suitcases and bring those snacks along with us  on adventures.  If we are traveling to a place where we spend more time relaxing on the patio I will bring the baby monitor so I can sit outside and read while the kids take naps.  This isn’t necessary if you are staying in a hotel room but comes in handy if you are staying in a condo or house.  If you have a bedwetter, get a large lawn and leaf trash bag and cut it so that it opens up big and lay that underneath the bed sheets in your hotel. That way if you have an accident you are saving the hotels mattress  and have less of a mess to clean up. You can cut it before you leave, fold it up and stick it in your suitcase. Speaking of trashbags, I always bring a few extra in our suitcase in case we have any wet or soiled clothes to bring home.


I can’t do this post and not talk about some of my favorite products and brands  to make traveling with kids easier!  My favorite sunscreen and bug spray for kids is the BabyGanics brand.  It goes on so smooth and is nice and thick so they get great coverage. As long as I have used it my boys have never had a sunburn.  The bug spray is awesome too! It doesn’t smell bad like some of the other brands I have tried and it really seems to keep the mosquitoes away. I always bring along baby powder on beach vacations to get the sand off of their skin. It works like a charm!  Last summer Wesley was a newborn and we spent a lot of time by the pool. I found the best bassinet that can fold up and fit in a suitcase. It even has a strap so taking it to the pool or beach is extremely easy! If you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun with your babe, you have to get Tubby Todd’s Dream Cream ! It makes babies skin so soft and is soothing after a day in the sun! They also have this travel set that has everything you need and bonus: it’s only $25! If you sign up for Tubby Todd’s email you will receive 10% off your first order.  I’m no pro at travelling with kids but hopefully some of these tips will help you with any future vacations with your babe in tow!

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