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Wesley’s Wild One

 If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s throw a party. Wesley’s first birthday snuck right up on us. With all of the traveling we did at the beginning of the year and into summer I was not as organized as I hoped to be with his party planning. I finally sat down and started looking for inspiration (or pinspiration) and browsed the thousands of themes on Pinterest. I based his theme on a picture I found of a baby wearing an Indian headress sitting in front of a teepee. I fell in LOVE. The planning began and I started collecting anything “tribal” a few months before the party. I had the best luck at hobby lobby and even found some stuff at target. I did his first birthday photo shoot with our amazing photographer and included Bradley in them too. I ordered Wesley’s headress here and I made Bradley’s on my own. We decided to have a backyard BBQ and get a bounce house for the kids. If you ever host an event that includes kids- get a bounce house! It is so worth the cost.

Our menu was pretty simple… burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, fruit and what’s a party without chips?! My friend made the most incredible three tiered cake that was almost too pretty to eat but it was equally as delicious as it was stunning.
For favors I got brown paper bags and filled them with kid Z bars (s’mores flavor to go with our theme), bubbles, kid Z fruit straws, gold candy cane sticks, Indian headbands (I made those myself, pictured below) and trail mix. After the sun set we made s’mores but most of the kids were gone by that point. I wanted to do that while the kids were all still there but it was way too hot and they were plenty sugared up from the cake.

Of all the birthday parties I’ve thrown, this has been the most simple one. Having it at the house made it easy not having to transport food and decorations to a different location. We had one (giant) issue though- we were having a deck built and it was supposed to be done the week before his party but because of a few issues it wasn’t done in time. We had a half built deck for everyone to have to get around which was a big problem since the party was mainly in the backyard.  We also had the bounce house back there so we had to clean up a bunch of the construction mess so the kids had a safe area to play in.  In the end we made it work. I took a deep breath, drank a big margarita and dealt with it. We made the best out of what we had. Our guests were so understanding and people still hung out in the backyard.
It wasn’t quite what I had imagined it being but we survived Wesley’s (very) Wild One birthday party!


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